We Work with You

Turning your Dream into Reality

In the landscaping industry, the term “Design/Build” refers to the idea that the same people that design your landscape also install it. You work with one company form start to finish.

At Brady Landscaping design/build is the process of listening to your wants, needs, and desires, and turning your dream into reality. We work with you to create a unique design that satisfies your wishes and maintains the health and integrity of the environment. Then our construction crews install your new landscape in a manner that surpasses your expectations. Our start to finish commitment to outstanding service and quality ensures your experience is positive from the initial meeting to final walkthrough.

Getting Started

The design build process begins at the initial meeting as you meet with our landscape designer to discuss the details of your landscape project. We start by listening to your goals and visions for your landscape This is the time for us to get to know each other as well as to discuss any and all items you would like addressed and included in your future landscape. What’s your favorite color? How do you like to entertain? What hobbies do you enjoy? We want to know everything about you so that your landscape will truly reflect your lifestyle.

Gathering Site Information

The process continues as we gather crucial site information such as site measurements, photos, grades, status of existing irrigation, views from within the house, etc. This allows us to put together an accurate base map. This is a crucial part of the process as everything else is built upon this initial base map.

Conceptual Stage

After the base map is completed we can begin to sketch out some rough ideas and develop possible conceptual designs that are functional and incorporate your needs and wants. These initial designs are rough and general in nature and are meant to provide a good idea of how the landscape could be laid out and are then presented to you for your review. This is the time to discuses any changes or additions you would like to see and is also a key point in beginning to make some decisions about how you will invest your budget.

Final Landscape Design

Once we have gone through the revision process and agreed upon a conceptual design we get into the details of such things as material textures and colors, plant selections, patterns, etc. It is common to make one or two revisions before arriving at the final landscape design. The
final landscape design will include all the information needed for our crews to efficiency and accurately implement your landscape from the ground up. We typically complete the final landscape design using a CAD program and even design imaging in some situations. By this point we will have worked out all the details and will provide you with a final proposal to install your landscape.


Having invested adequate time at the beginning of the project to develop a detailed and accurate landscape design, we are ready to begin the installation phase. We can now engage in an installation contract and set a start date and a project time line. Upon project commencement you will be introduced to the project manager as well as the foreman and crew. Our landscape designer will visit the site regularly and continue relations with you and with the project manager to assure that all is going according to plan.

Project Completion

Once the design and installation phase of the project are completed our project manager will take you on a guided tour of your new landscape and provide information about how you should care for your new hardscape and plant material. Your new landscape is timeless and the development has just begun. As plants mature and vision approaches reality our maintenance staff will meet the continuing changing needs of your dynamic outdoor living space as it grows with you and your family for years to come.